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Implants are the most sophisticated procedure for the replacement of a missing tooth or teeth. It calls for an artificial tooth to be anchored into the jaw and can be an excellent mimic of the missing tooth. For instance, a normal tooth’s biting power can absorb approximately 540 lbs/square inch of pressure and an implanted tooth can absorb approximately 450 lbs/square inch. Dentures can only withstand about 10% of pressure resulting from a normal tooth’s bite. Not only is a missing tooth cosmetically distressing, it can be actually harmful to your overall dental health. If unattended, it often leads to greater problems down the road.

Possible issues from the loss of functional teeth:

  • Difficulty chewing
  • Surrounding teeth can drift into the now empty space
  • Food accumulation in empty pockets can cause greater decay
  • Facial areas lose support
  • Bone loss in the effected area due to lack of stimulation from chewing

Our dentists have in-depth experience with giving their patients new smiles through implants.

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