Tooth Extraction Services

There are times when a tooth simply cannot be saved. This often happens when it has suffered too much damage or decay to be viable any longer. Trust the dentists of Great Dental Group to provide you with the utmost care and expertise. We will thoroughly explore every avenue of saving the tooth. However, if it is just not feasible, our dentists and staff can make the process of extraction as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Reasons why a tooth extraction is performed:

  • Tooth is badly damaged due to injury
  • Tooth is badly decayed and a root canal will not be able to save it
  • Tooth is impacting the growth of other teeth
  • Tooth has a badly infected nerve
  • Tooth has been badly impacted by gum disease
  • Supporting bone or gum has badly deteriorated

If you have a tooth that needs to be removed, take steps to do so immediately as it can cause even greater problem for you in the future. Great Dental Group accepts most insurance plans and has three convenient locations in Chula Vista and San Marcos.

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